About us

Mission Statement

To enthrone, expand and sustain constitutional governance, pluralism, democracy and respect for human rights in Nigeria and facilitate the capacity of communities to prevent any abrasion of democratic and natural rights and responsibilities


To be the best known and most effective non-governmental institution in Nigeria, for the facilitation and protection of democracy.

We sincerely believe that every community has abundant resources for the fulfillment of its civic responsibilities and the protection of its members from undemocratic inclination and that CCG, working with the community can facilitate its optimal use by and for the community’s benefits.

CCG is determined to work with community and community associations for the protection of democracy and the promotion of civic administration at all levels through:
•Education and public enlightenment
• Advocacy and community mobilization
• Information – sharing and provision of multiple viewpoints on issues

CCG achieves and sustains these objectives through:
• Working closely with community associations and representatives to identify common resources.
• Working with community to build their own organizations through which their voices can be heard and their constitutional aspirations argued.
• Lectures, seminars, workshops, training courses, and discussions.
• Publications of information bulletins, newsletters, books, academic journals and reports.
• Instituting research into unanswered questions on civil governance.

The Centre is run from day-to-day by a permanent staff of eight, made up of an Executive Director, two programme officers and three support staff apart from interns, outreach facilitators and numerous volunteers.

CCG is committed to capacity building for sustainable democracy through an integrated approach, which is anchored on knowledge and skills sharing with community members and their leaders .
CCG was established principally to meet these challenges, as an advocacy, research and training institution.